I aim to create beautiful invitations and envelopes that serve as the perfect introduction to your event & to make others smile with snail mail.

I offer a variety of products including (but not limited to) save-the-dates, wedding invitations, birth announcements, event invitations, moving announcements, and holiday cards!

My designs can vary in customization anywhere from a template adapted with your information to a completely custom piece. As you might, expect, this will affect the pricing, which is why we will determine how I can best meet your stationery needs early on in the design process.

Design Process:

  1. You contact me with an interest in a unique and custom stationery project.
  2. Based on your vision for said product, I determine the amount of work and materials the product will take to produce and provide you with a quote and a deposit.
  3. Once details have been firmed up and the deposit has been paid, I will begin work on your project. My standard practice is to provide you with up to 3 potential options for you product.
  4. After seeing the 3 mockups, I will use your feedback to combine the elements you like and incorporate any new ideas you have.
  5. Once these updates have been made, you will have the chance to see the single polished mockup again and make any final changes. Adjustments beyond this point besides corrections to spelling or information will affect your quote.
  6. After the second round of edits, you will be given a proof to check for correctness. Assuming everything looks good, I will collect the remaining balance (subtracting your deposit from the total), and send your job to print!

In terms of pricing, projects and products fall within a wide range based on factors such as level of customization and type/size of invitations/envelopes. The pricing shown is representative of a typical amount of customization with standard (A7) invitation size and a non-premium paper color. It includes both printed invitations and envelopes.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or orders via email at simplyalexandrastationery@gmail.com or through a personal message to the Facebook page below.


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